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Welcome to La Jolla World
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Enter a world of style, grace and adventure. La Jolla, California is where the Pacific Ocean meets the sandy shores of the Golden State, just north of San Diego.

La Jolla means “The Jewel” in Spanish. It was founded by Father Juniperro Serra in the 18th-century, as part of the coastal California archipelago of Spanish Catholicmissions.

La Jolla represents the best that California has to offer. It is blessed by sunshine, a temperate climate, and a magnificent expanse of geography. But, even more important is the human side of La Jolla…….

In La Jolla, California is assembled a diverse group of individuals aspiring to make the most out of the future and improve the quality of everyday life.

From science and medicine, to the arts and elite sports;
La Jolla, California, has it all. So join us in a
recognition and appreciation of the finer things in life.

Enter LaJollaWorld.com and expand your horizons with
a new way of living and thinking: a world of style and
grace in California.

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